At ready motion control we use 2 different tools to generate G-Code for your CNC control. Depending on what you want to do.

Used for Laser and Plasma operations:

Inkscape with our Ready Motion Plug-in

This plug in has been fully tested and is used in commercial applications. We have tested running tolerances at +/- .0005 in and cutting out shapes smaller then .003 in.


  1. Add Multiple on/off commands to turn on vacuums, lights, spindles, lasers etc
  2. CNC Travel Speed
  3. Working CNC Speed
  4. PWM Variable number
  5. On delay
  6. Passes
  7. Depth of pass
  8. Set file Directory
  9. Set file names with suffix

Used for CNC Milling

JSCUT CAM built into the Ready Motion Controller

  1. 3D Gcode simulation view
  2. CAM Tool
  3. Pocket and Outline operations
  4. V cutter support
  5. mm or inch GCode output
  7. Access Jscut from your user interface of ready motion by clicking on the button that is labeled Jscut.
G Code Generator Software