The Ready Motion Controller 

Ready Motion has been in real life testing for over 3 years with industrial manufacturing companies around the US. We have been striving to design a motion controller that offers no ordering lead times, easy to use, cost effective, handles standard 24 volt power, large amp output relays, easy motion programming and simple to use end user interface.


  • Plug and play design
  • Network based communications
  • 8 axis control
  • 5 volt PWM to control lasers or spindles
  • 3 Isolated Digital Limit Switches
  • Soft limit switches
  • 32 outputs with built in relays 10 Amps per relay
  • 8 outputs geared for CNC laser and CNC spindle controls
  • Run any servo or stepper drive that can handle step and direction
  • Precise scaling and pulse settings
  • Motion controller is based on a web server so you just need a web browser to connect to the controller
  • Real time axis locations
  • Multiple users can log in to see whats running
  • Jog Buttons for all axis with feed rates and distance control
  • Program editor with syntax highlighting
  • 6 programmable macros that save with your program
  • Real time program status for error debugging and status
  • Real time line number status
  • Pause and Resume
  • Reset Button with a programmable macro to properly shut down your CNC
  • Enable mechanical buttons to control everything on the user interface

How It Works:

  • Ready Motion Communication and User Interface is built on a web server Powered by a Raspberry PI that talks to a G-CODE Interpreter.
  • Ready Motion’s G-CODE interpreter is a Modified version of the popular GRBL 0.9j installed on a MEGA.
  • The mega then sends the signals to the stepper drives, servos, and relay boards. It also receives signals from the Isolated limit board.