The software is built into the Ready Motion System.  The User Interface is networked based so you can access the motion controller from a computer, phone or tablet using any operating system you want as long as there is a web browser. So as computers and operating systems change you CNC does not have to. Run this controller anywhere.

  • If you dont have one of our controllers but want to still use this software download the prebuilt Rasbian image. Then just copy it on to a Raspberry PI 1 and plug a USB Cable from the PI to the Ready Motion Controller and your ready to start CNCing


Listed below is a list of the great features.

  • Axis locations
  • Multiple users can log in to see whats running
  • Jog Buttons for all axis with feed rates and distance control
  • Program editor with syntax highlighting
  • 6 programmable macros that save with your program
  • Real time program status for error debugging and status
  • Real time line number status
  • Pause and Resume
  • Reset Button with a programmable macro to properly shut down your CNC
  • Enable mechanical buttons to control everything on the user interface
  • Offline G- Code visualizer
  • Advanced mode to easily change system settings like
    • Stepper Motor Resolution
    • Stepper Drives Pule Control
    • Max Feed Rate
    • Max Travel
    • Stepper Motor Acceleration
    • Invert Step Signal
    • Invert Direction Signal
    • Stepper Idle Delay
    • Enable Soft Limits
    • Enable Hard Limits
    • Invert Limit Signal
    • Enable Homing
    • Switch Homing Direction
    • Homing Feed Rate
    • Homing Limit Debounce
    • Homing Pull Off Distance
    • Output Toggle Switches
    • Default G Code Coolant, Spindle, Laser Buttons

Ready Motion User Interface

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